Which are the top Outdoor Advertising Mediums in India? How to choose the best one?

Looking for an advertising medium to promote your brand, product, or services? 

Well, today, you have multiple outdoor advertising options, which are not only affordable, but also successful.

Let’s take a look at

A few of most successful outdoor advertising mediums

Here are a few of the low cost, yet most successful outdoor advertising mediums:

Auto Ads

Advertising on Auto Rickshaw is increasingly popular in towns and cities of India. The auto Rickshaws carrying your product or brand ad travel around the whole city and hence, give your product or brand tremendous publicity and promotion.

Metro ads

Metro train advertisements is the one of the latest advertising mediums, which is incredibly successful looking at the mass appeal of the Metro trains. Delhi Metro advertising is especially popular among the businesses. Looking at the huge number of daily metro passengers, metro ads are an advertising medium worth adopting.

Road Hoardings

You must have seen the huge roadside hoardings and billboard, while travelling by road and highways, etc. Such road hoardings are also quite useful way of promoting your product or brand as it’s not only low cost, but also effective looking at the number of people passing through a busy road or highway every day.

However, the big time question here is

Which is the best outdoor advertising medium among all?

Well, looking at all the key aspects of a perfect advertising campaign, in terms of low investment, mass appeal, reach across the states, the truck advertising or mobile billboard advertising is the best available option for any business or advertising agency.

Truck Advertising

Truck side advertising has multiple benefits for any business or brand. The huge banners and hoardings can be installed on both sides of the truck, which will be easily noticed by the crowd while the vehicle is on journey. Moreover, the trucks and lorries carrying your product or brand ad travel across various states, towns and villages in a single day and hence, give your product or brand, exceptional publicity and promotion. 

Hence, it’s the Truck Advertising is by far the best outdoor advertising medium for any business.

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