Which are the top Outdoor Advertising Mediums in India? How to choose the best one?

Looking for an advertising medium to promote your brand, product, or services? 

Well, today, you have multiple outdoor advertising options, which are not only affordable, but also successful.

Let’s take a look at

A few of most successful outdoor advertising mediums

Here are a few of the low cost, yet most successful outdoor advertising mediums:

Auto Ads

Advertising on Auto Rickshaw is increasingly popular in towns and cities of India. The auto Rickshaws carrying your product or brand ad travel around the whole city and hence, give your product or brand tremendous publicity and promotion.

Metro ads

Metro train advertisements is the one of the latest advertising mediums, which is incredibly successful looking at the mass appeal of the Metro trains. Delhi Metro advertising is especially popular among the businesses. Looking at the huge number of daily metro passengers, metro ads are an advertising medium worth adopting.

Road Hoardings

You must have seen the huge roadside hoardings and billboard, while travelling by road and highways, etc. Such road hoardings are also quite useful way of promoting your product or brand as it’s not only low cost, but also effective looking at the number of people passing through a busy road or highway every day.

However, the big time question here is

Which is the best outdoor advertising medium among all?

Well, looking at all the key aspects of a perfect advertising campaign, in terms of low investment, mass appeal, reach across the states, the truck advertising or mobile billboard advertising is the best available option for any business or advertising agency.

Truck Advertising

Truck side advertising has multiple benefits for any business or brand. The huge banners and hoardings can be installed on both sides of the truck, which will be easily noticed by the crowd while the vehicle is on journey. Moreover, the trucks and lorries carrying your product or brand ad travel across various states, towns and villages in a single day and hence, give your product or brand, exceptional publicity and promotion. 

Hence, it’s the Truck Advertising is by far the best outdoor advertising medium for any business.

If you have plans to start a truck advertising campaign for your brand or products, you may coordinate with LorryZone.com – the top truck advertising company in India.  

Advertise Your Products on Closed Body Container

Want to know which is the latest popular advertising medium? You must be thinking conventionally and would name either TV, Print, radio, advertisements etc. Well, let me update your information a bit. Advertising on the logistic trucks or containers  is the latest trend now-a -days. It also has a great appeal and impact on the customers.

Big and small industries or brands these days giving preference to Advertising on Closed body containers or trucks.  As they say ‘size does matter’ the huge banners or Ads on TATA Commercial or the Ad on Tata ace truck catches the attention of the people very quickly on roadside, in traffic or highways, etc.
This type of ad campaign is not even expensive and suits best the small and medium businesses, who want the maximum return on their advertising investments. If I am a customer for instance, and a huge Mobile billboard passes along side my car showing the ad of breakfast bread, cold drink, chocolate, etc. I will definitely have a look on it and it will possibly remain in my mind the whole day.


Advertising on commercial vehicle has also become advanced these days, in terms of technology involvement, etc. The trucks used for ad campaign are loaded with GPS system, which helps the advertisers or media buyers to follow the campaign and remain updated with the truck routes and timings, etc. So, if you are looking for an incredible yet affordable ad campaign for your products or services, go for Advertising on Logistic Vehicles.

How to Choose the Best Branding Medium with Lowest CPI?

The branding, advertising or marketing is the lifeline of every big or small business today. Today, there are various offline and online or electronic mediums of advertising are available. The print, radio, and TV ads are conventional medium, while internet marketing is the latest medium available. However, can you make as to which medium among these provide you the lowest CPI (Cost per Impression) or in other words which advertising medium is the most affordable among these.

There is one medium of advertising, which is not much talked about, i.e. the outdoor advertising. Among the several outdoor advertising means, the truck advertising or the advertising on logistic vehicle is the most successful branding medium now-a-days. It is the medium that provides you the lowest Cost per Impression (CPI) with considerably high visibility. It has been proved through various surveys that advertising on closed body container or advertising on commercial vehicle leaves an everlasting impression on the outdoor crowd.


So, it’s not only affordable for the advertisers, but also quite effective in terms of producing the quick results. The LorryZone truck advertising for instance, is a prime example of the constructive yet cost effective product advertising. It the ace truck advertising agency that runs the outstanding branding campaign through advertising on logistics truck and vehicles, i.e. ad on TATA Commercial, advertising on containers, etc. It provides the successful branding campaigns with relatively cost effective or economical packages.

Finally, we can say that truck advertising is the need of the hour in India and if you want to get the maximum out of your investment on product marketing or branding, you must think differently and choose the truck advertising for the dynamic yet reasonable branding of your product and services.

Lorryzone- Taking Truck Advertising in India to the Next Level

The Outdoor Advertising in India has been in picture for quite some time now. However, when it comes to running a vibrant and aggressive advertising campaign there are a very few advertising companies, which have succeeded to achieve the same for a product or service. An advertising campaign if handled and run well can produce tremendous results in terms of enhancing the brand image of any product or service

Truck Advertising is one of the key medium of Outdoor advertising, which has tremendous potential that is yet to be explored completely. The lorryzone.com is one of the leading Roadways Truck Advertising Agencies. In a very short span of time, it has established its name in the field of Truck Advertising in India. The lorryzone.com has brought the excellent use of technology in the vehicles used for advertising, i.e. GPS, Real time tracking, Data recording, and so on. Such features of lorrzyone.com an advanced medium of outdoor or Truck side advertising that was missing for a long time.

The diversity of its campaign is not limited to the town or state, in fact, the vehicles associated with lorryzone.com travel the distance of thousands of miles in a day covering the various states, cities, villages, districts, and towns across the country. Apart from this the lorrzyone.com is one among the most affordable medium of OOH Advertising in India with its cost effective advertising plans that suits the budget and requirement of different businesses. So, if you want to commence an advanced, vibrant, and aggressive Outdoor Advertising Campaign for your website, visit the website of lorryzone.com to explore its services and book your appointment at earliest.


Why Truck Advertising in India is getting increasingly popular?

Any business or commercial organization begins its venture with the ultimate goal of earning a profit or getting a considerable Return on Investment (ROI). So, every activity associated with such business and organization is directed towards the same objective. When we talk about the promotion of advertising of the product or services of any business organization, this is also done with an ambition of earning the further profit out of this.

The Traditional Advertising Platforms are not Cost Effective
The traditional advertising platforms, these days have become cluttered as well as expensive especially for the small and medium businesses. Hence, such businesses are diverting towards the advertising mediums which give them effective branding, clear promotional strategies and affordable advertising cost. The Outdoor advertising is one of such medium that is getting increasingly popular these days. Especially, the Truck Side Advertising has earned a huge reputation among the businesses and advertising agencies in last few years.

Why Truck Advertising is getting increasingly popular?
The Truck Advertising in India is getting excessively popular these days. There are various reasons behind its success and efficiency for the businesses of all sizes. The Truck Advertising is one of the most affordable mediums of OOH advertising in India. Its customized advertising plans and campaigns suit the businesses and organizations of all sizes. The interstate, intercity, or national transport trucks and Lorries, carrying the huge banners or advertisements promoting your product and services, travel across the various states and cities of the country and hence, make your brand or product visible to the crowd of tens of thousands in a single day.

Choose the best Truck Advertising Agency for Branding and Advertisement

The lorryzone.com is one name that needs no introduction when it comes to Truck side advertising in India. All lorryzone.com has the huge network of trucks loaded with advanced GPS system to provide real time tracking of vehicle location. Moreover, it offers the most cost effective advertising plans as per your budget and requirement. Visit the website of lorryzone.com today to explore its services and book your ad campaign.

An affordable Advertising Campaign to reach out a Rural to Urban Masses

Today, every business entity wants to promote its product, services and brand in such a way that it reaches out to the people of every class and community. However, the most of the conventional advertising methods today cover a certain class or category of people. And if any of the medium has a universal reach or appeal, it costs accordingly to advertisers or businesses. This certainly raises a question as to which advertising means to be trusted, that reach the people or the customers of every class, community, or category without heavy pricing.

Truck Advertising- the most affordable way of reaching out Rural to Urban
The success of Truck Advertising in India has provided an ultimate option to the advertisers as well as the businesses for product and brand promotion. Today there are various outdoor Advertising Agencies that do really well in terms of providing the considerable ROI (Return on Investment) to the businesses. The Truck Side Advertising is one of the best Outdoor advertising mediums that have a reach and access from rural to urban. The Trucks or Lorries associated with Roadways Truck Advertising Agencies, cover a vast geographical area on a daily basis, and hence display a product advertisement to the thousands of people during their journey across various cities, towns, villages, and states.
The benefit of Campaign Monitoring
The trucks being used for advertising of products and brand are often loaded with GPS devices etc., which ultimately help the clients to track and monitor the OOH Advertising, or Truck advertising campaign at the end of the month. Hence, in view of all given features and outstanding campaign aspects, one can say that the Truck side advertising is the cost effective yet the most successful way of product advertising and brand promotion.