How to Choose the Best Branding Medium with Lowest CPI?

The branding, advertising or marketing is the lifeline of every big or small business today. Today, there are various offline and online or electronic mediums of advertising are available. The print, radio, and TV ads are conventional medium, while internet marketing is the latest medium available. However, can you make as to which medium among these provide you the lowest CPI (Cost per Impression) or in other words which advertising medium is the most affordable among these.

There is one medium of advertising, which is not much talked about, i.e. the outdoor advertising. Among the several outdoor advertising means, the truck advertising or the advertising on logistic vehicle is the most successful branding medium now-a-days. It is the medium that provides you the lowest Cost per Impression (CPI) with considerably high visibility. It has been proved through various surveys that advertising on closed body container or advertising on commercial vehicle leaves an everlasting impression on the outdoor crowd.


So, it’s not only affordable for the advertisers, but also quite effective in terms of producing the quick results. The LorryZone truck advertising for instance, is a prime example of the constructive yet cost effective product advertising. It the ace truck advertising agency that runs the outstanding branding campaign through advertising on logistics truck and vehicles, i.e. ad on TATA Commercial, advertising on containers, etc. It provides the successful branding campaigns with relatively cost effective or economical packages.

Finally, we can say that truck advertising is the need of the hour in India and if you want to get the maximum out of your investment on product marketing or branding, you must think differently and choose the truck advertising for the dynamic yet reasonable branding of your product and services.